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About Us

Founded by veteran actor and teacher Melissa Thompson Esaia, Empowerhouse Acting Studio is an artistic home for actors in the Bay Area. Melissa founded the studio to offer professional level acting classes for actors at all levels who are not quite ready to move to larger markets like Los Angeles or New York, but who are ready to elevate their craft and increase their bookings. At Empowerhouse Acting Studio, students receive world-class training, coaching and mentorship in a nurturing environment where they feel safe to explore their craft, their voices, their dreams and their most authentic selves.

The mission of Empowerhouse Acting Studio is to elevate and empower our students in 3 core areas:

  • Craft - we offer professional level acting classes and coaching designed to elevate students' skills, sensitivity and authenticity as actors. 

  • Business of Acting - we offer classes and coaching designed to elevate students' understanding of the business of being an actor and their ability to navigate their journeys into this profession, whether they want to stay in the Bay Area or move to a larger market.

  • Confidence - whatever our students' dreams are, we give them the tools to take the next steps in their journeys with clarity and confidence.  As Sanford Meisner said, "When you're finished studying with me, you will be able to call yourself an actor and it will truly mean something," and there is nothing more effective in building true confidence than feeling solid in your craft and having an unwavering belief in yourself.

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